99 Beautiful Names of Allah Meanings Search App


Welcome to 99BeautifulNames.com where you can find a link to the 99 Names of Allah Meanings Search app on both apple and google app stores.

With 8500 words to search in the database, this app helps you to learn the 99 Names of Allah meanings quickly and smoothly.

The list includes the meanings of the Qualities and issues you may want to use them for.

If you want to know what name to invoke for Depression, or Abundance, or the Liver for example, type the word into the search bar and all the Divine Names will be selected that you can use.

Alternatively, you can look up a Divine Name and see all the words related to that Quality.

This app is not to be substituted for medical or psychiatric advice.

If you have any inquiries contact me at salimaAT99beautifulnames.com

The App:

Do a search for 99 Names of Allah Meaning Search in the app store on the iphone and android. If that’s confusing then do a search for Daniel Perry as he is the developer. His name comes up in apple.

Here is a link to see it in the browser:


Google Play


Privacy Policy:

You realise this app and its creators are neither licensed psychotherapists nor licensed medical professionals. You also realise that using this app is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis, nor medical treatment. You hereby waive all rights to any cause of action against the creators, or their assigns or beneficiaries, stemming out of using this app. Purchasing this app is consent to this disclaimer.